NRCE At The Restaurant and Takeaway Innovation Expo

November 21st, 2019

After eagerly awaiting the start of the Restaurant and takeaway innovation expo, this week it finally began. Our teams have worked incredibly hard to ensure everything went over smoothly and we could not be happier with how things have turned out.

Sam and Mike spent an inordinate amount of time designing and redesigning how the stand was going to work. From the flow of traffic, to the location of each element we wished to display, to the signage space and even down to where the coffee machine would sit on the bespoke counter. It was all a labour of love and it turned out amazing.

Accessibility was paramount for us on the stand. Although each stand is placed on a slightly raised stage to allow services, we ensured every entrance was fitted with a ramp for those who needed assistance with mobility. We were able to maximise useable space while still allowing walkways that were sufficient for multiple people to move by each other unhindered. Our massive 11×10 meter stand was the perfect size to safely display everything we needed to the most people possible.

We managed to accommodate all of our working partners onto the stand in a way that was natural and only added to the aesthetic. Celltherm Coldrooms, Blue seal/Waldorf cooksuites, Cossiga and Norfabs were all displayed amazingly on the stand organically. Each of these companies are thrilled with the end product and so are we!

Norfabs ltd produced a fully bespoke L shaped counter that was placed at the front of the stand to simulate a front of house counter, we integrated some Cossiga drop in Ceran and Bain-marie units as well as some of our own energy efficient induction units. This counter was fully fabricated from stainless steel and wood from our team based in Sheffield to fit our specific requirements perfectly. It featured a wood frontage with LED lights, each hole was cut out by our fabricators to house the drop-in’s flawlessly.

The end result was a stand that really caught the eye of everyone who passed it. We are thrilled at the response the stand received and can’t wait for the next one. Keep an eye on all our socials to stay up to date on what we are doing and where you can see us next!

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