Extraction, Ventilation & Air Cooling

We supply and install the highest quality extraction canopies used by many of the UK’s finest catering establishments.

As a recognized and approved manufacturer and installer of ventilation & commercial extraction equipment, we always carry out our work in accordance with the health and safety standards required in the UK. We produce RAMS to meet each individual site installation requirement, working alongside or directly appointed by building main contractors throughout the UK.

Our extraction and ventilation system design always take into account the following criteria:

  • Cooking Load- known as duties, and these calculations are based on the coefficient of the equipment being used under the canopy system in accordance with DWG 172 HVAC gas safe legislations to ensure correct operation and compliance.
  • The type of equipment being used, together with assessment and consideration of peak performance level requirements to ensure optimum capture and performance.
  • Layout and shape of the kitchen design which also has a direct influence on the canopy design and installation. Provision made for a gas control solenoid valve and gas interlock control panels with pressure sensors to ensure full compliance.
  • Number of staff working in the environment.
  • Odor control solutions and any restrictions placed by local planning office.
  • The Need for easy cleaning and general maintenance of the canopy.

Our objectives of an effective kitchen ventilation system include:

  • The removal and correct capture of cooking fumes at the source
  • The removal hot air and introduction of cool, clean air for a comfortable working environment (inadequate ventilation causes lethargy and heat stress leading to unsafe working conditions)
  • Optimize air movement to eradicate discomfort, e.g. strong draughts
  • Provide enough air replacement for correct combustion of gas fired appliances to prevent the accumulation of carbon monoxide build up.
  • Quiet and vibration free systems